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MigraLens vs Blue Light Glasses

MigraLens glasses have a distinctive green lens color for a good reason. Our lens filter blocks all the light that triggers, worsens or prolongs Migraines, post-concussion syndrome, vestibular disorders, and other conditions relating to chronic headache or light sensitivity.

Blue light - often from computer screens or fluorescent lighting - is broadly recognized as a common trigger for Migraine, however so is light on the red end of the visible light spectrum.¹ ²

Many of the products marketed as "Blue Light Glasses", "Computer Glasses", or Migraine glasses with an FL-41 filter often still allow a significant percentage of blue light through to the eye, without blocking any of the red light.

Blue light itself is a spectrum, from purple blues to light sky blues, and a simple test with a blue light torch may only prove that a very specific range of blue light is being blocked by the lenses.

MigraLens glasses are the only retail-available solution that block both blue and red light at high enough percentages to provide scientifically reliable results.

Needing to reflect so much blue and red light makes our glasses their distinctive green color. When it comes to Migraine, green power is strong, but be aware of cheap copies. Just because a lens is green, it does not guarantee that the filter blocks a high percentage of blue and red light, or UVA/UVB.

MigraLens have been tested and approved by internationally renowned Migraine organizations, meaning you can trust that our tech is the real deal.

Light passing through MigraLens migraine glasses filter

Below you can see a light spectrum showing all the wavelengths of light that MigraLens glasses block. Our lenses are tinted to precision, allowing green, yellow and orange light to pass through, while blocking UVA, UVB, blue and red light:

Comparison between natural light and wavelengths blocked by MigraLens migraine glasses filter


MigraLens was examined as part of a peer reviewed paper published in the journal Headache Care.¹

The research concluded that: "Patients can use the new lenses (MigraLens) during an attack or as a preventative measure between attacks. Use of the new lenses for migraine resulted in a reduction in migraine severity and impact and improvements in subjective assessments of effectiveness and light sensitivity".

More Than Numbers

The results show that MigraLens helps the vast majority of our customers get back to their lives, and this is reflected in our testimonials.

90% felt a reduction in Migraine severity - 80% recorded a significantly reduced Headache Impact Score

Specialists Support MigraLens

We are proud to be supported by the Migraine Action Association, National Migraine Centre, and Royal National Institute for Blind People

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¹ Maine A, Vlachonikolis I, Dowson A. The wavelength of light causing photophobia in migraine sufferers and tension-type headache between attacks, headache 2000, 40, 194-199.

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