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MigraLens in Your Frame

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Have MigraLens fitted to your frame

Frames must have a full rim. Semi-rimless or rimless frames cannot be fitted with MigraLens. Please ensure frames are packed safely for shipment to us. A microfibre cloth  will be included with purchase

This option is for non-prescription lenses only. If you would like to order a pair of prescription glasses with your own frame, please select the relevant product from the main shop



To order your own frame with non-prescription lenses, first complete the order in the shop and then send the frame in a well protected package to the following address:

20 Longcrofte Rd
United Kingdom

We will confirm the delivery of your glasses, and will dispatch the finished product usually 10-12 business days from date of receipt


  • Better Than Blue Light Blockers
    MigraLens lenses block more of the blue and red light wavelengths proven to trigger or worsen Migraine, chronic headaches, photophobia, post-concussion syndrome and traumatic brain injury

  • Superior Filter
    91% of trialists in a peer reviewed study preferred MigraLens over their current tinted glasses used for headache and Migraine relief

  • Trusted
    MigraLens are the only off-the-shelf migraine glasses endorsed by the Migraine Action Association

  • Lightweight
    Maximum relief with minimal pressure on your head