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Glaucoma and Light Sensitivity

Glaucoma is a degenerative eye condition caused by progressively increasing pressure within the eye that may lead to blindness.

Due in part to the pressure on the optic nerve, people with glaucoma can experience heightened light sensitivity from sunlight, fluorescent lighting, or from glare and computer screens.

While MigraLens are highly effective at combating light sensitivity in general, and people with glaucoma also experience an increase in Migraine episodes, our glasses alone may not provide all the benefit required by glaucoma patients for every aspect of life.

One side effect of glaucoma is a reduced perception of contrast, which is necessary for activities such as watching television, as well as safely navigating a poorly lit environment.

This is where specialty glasses for glaucoma may be beneficial.

What can help?

MediView supplies glasses to the Royal National Institute for Blind People that are specifically designed to block specific wavelengths of light while heightening contrast.

MediView glasses are also available on Amazon in the UK, USA and Canada.

If you suffer from glaucoma and have associated light sensitivity, using a combination of MediView and MigraLens may have a significant impact.
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