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Prescription MigraLens: Progressive (Varifocal) or Bifocal

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Progressive (Varifocal) or Bifocal MigraLens

Please select your frame style and prescription type from the drop down boxes


After placing your order, the following steps will allow us to complete your prescription glasses. This information will also be emailed to you after your purchase is complete

  1. If you have ordered a new frame from our shop (instead of using your own), we will dispatch one for you to check you are happy with your choice.

  2. A form will be emailed to you. Take this to your Optician to complete including your details, PD (pupillary distance) along with other important measurments and whether you require Progressives (varifocals) or bifocals.

    UK Customers:
     Post the completed form, prescription (less than 2 years old) and the frame to: MigraLens, 105 Theobald Street, Borehamwood, United Kingdom, WD6 4PT

    Outside UK Customers:
     Scan and email the completed form & prescription to You are not required to return the empty frame, but if using your own frame, post this to the above UK address

  3. Your prescription MigraLens glasses will take approximately 2 weeks to complete from receiving the above information. They will be dispatched to
    your Optician so they can be checked & fitted (UK customers) or to your home address (outside UK)

    Please note, if your Optician charges a fee for their service, you will pay this direct to them. It is not covered within the amount charged to you on this site.

About MigraLens

    • Better Than Blue Light Blockers
      MigraLens block more of the blue and also the red light wavelengths proven to trigger or worsen Migraine, chronic headaches, photophobia, post-concussion syndrome and traumatic brain injury

    • Superior Filter
      91% of people in a peer reviewed study preferred MigraLens over their current tinted glasses used for headache and Migraine relief

    • Trusted
      MigraLens are the only off-the-shelf migraine glasses endorsed by the Migraine Action Association, National Migraine Centre and RNIB