How Migralens® migraine treatment works

Effective migraine relief for light sensitive migraine triggers and migraine symptoms

Off the shelf migraine product  How Migralens® migraine treatment works rainbowMigraLens® is the only ‘off the shelf’ migraine product that absorbs the specific wavelengths of light that have recently been identified by migraine headache researchers to cause migraine symptoms and sensitivity in migraine sufferers

Artificial sources such as screens and indoor lighting which emit these wavelengths also create flicker and along with the intensity of natural daylight, are often both the trigger for an attack and the cause of sensitivity that follows. MigraLens® provides a solution that helps people to live and cope in the many demanding environments that they find themselves in.

MediView created MigraLens®, a scientifically formulated spectacle filter based on the research that Dr Alan Maine and Dr Andy Dowson conducted that identified the specific wavelengths of light that cause sensitivity in migraine sufferers.


Is there any scientific evidence that MigraLens® works?

Scientific Evidence  How Migralens® migraine treatment works scientific evidence

A study investigating the efficacy of MigraLens® provided scientific evidence that it delivered effective migraine relief. The impressive results were published in Headache Care, a peer reviewed migraine publication for migraine doctors. Unlike some other migraine products on the market, there is sound research, product development and evidence to support MigraLens®.

Read the study conclusion below and read the testimonial page to hear from people from all over the world who use MigraLens®.



Results of a pilot study looking into migraine relief

Headache Care  How Migralens® migraine treatment works headache care


Migraine Action, a national charity for people with migraine supported this research co-authored with Dr Andy Dowson, director of Headache Services at Kings College Hospital, London. It looked at whether MigraLens® was effective for people with sensitivity to light as a link to their migraine.


The conclusion of this study stated

Migraine Pain Relief Study  How Migralens® migraine treatment works pain relief“… the consistency and statistical significance of the results….argue for a true effect of the lenses and further controlled studies are warranted for this treatment. Patients can use the new lenses during an attack or as a preventative measure between attacks . Use of the new lenses for migraine resulted in a reduction in migraine severity and impact and improvements in subjective assessments of effectiveness and light sensitivity”.





1. Pyzer, Turner, Dowson. A prospective study investigating the effectiveness of a new lens filter in reducing the impact of migraine. HEADACHE CARE Vol. 2, no. 3 2005, 171-176


All MediView sunglasses satisfy BS EN ISO 12312-1-2013. This eyewear is not designed to protect the wearer from all injury resulting from impacts in the event of the frame or lens being struck by an object. The lenses are produced from impact resistant, but not shatterproof, polycarbonate and should not be used as industrial safety eyewear. They should be cleaned using warm soapy water and gently dried with a soft cloth or the microfibre cloth case supplied. MediView filters are not a substitute for medication or treatment and are not intended as a means of retarding or preventing either onset of, or deterioration of any new or pre-existing conditions or symptoms. If unexpected symptoms persist or occur while using MediView filters, cease use and consult a medical practitioner immediately. Consult your medical practitioner before commencing use if unsure of your suitability to use MediView filters. Products are unsuitable for direct viewing of the sun, bright light sources, use in solaria or for driving at night. MigraLens® is a category 2 filter for use in average sunlight. The optical characteristics of the filters renders them unsuitable for road use and driving.

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