We recommend MigraLens as our members have found they really help minimise the flicker and glare that can trigger migraines or cause light sensitivity during or between attacks.
Simon Evans, CEO
Migraine Action Association

Just wanted to let you know that Dawn has tried the glasses in a couple of shops where she has had problems before with the fluorescent lighting, one in particular where she can never stay more than a few seconds before she starts to feel unwell, and she has had no problems at all.! She was able to wander round for half an hour or so with no migraine, dizziness or visual problems at all so its looking very promising. She is intending to keep them with her at all times and is very happy!
D Blow

I have found these to be life-saving when I have a migraine, especially as I don’t get any warnings of when one is due and if lucky, can stop one developing if put on in time. I’m on meds to control/manage the amount of attacks & usually have to lay down in the bedroom with the curtains closed. Now I can wear theses glasses and half the time I don’t need to. Well worth the money if you suffer like I do. I bought the ‘Overview’ style – I can wear them over glasses or without doesn’t matter which.
H M Harvey

My daughter has one of the worst strains of migraines, with unbearable pain, even on the verge of failling her studies, since she couldn’t stand long at the computer, or any screen, she couldn’t walk outside in a sunny day and any of the advised glasses failed completely. This, is a miracle and I cannot praise it enough.
Sandra A

I have been using them for years, these are so good. They cut out my light related migraines. They fit well, going right around the eyes so you don’t get glare from over the top of the glasses or round the sides as you would with ordinary sunglasses. This made a huge difference to holiday headaches too. If you suffer from migraines or light related headaches these glasses are fantastic. I can’t recommend them enough.
Ruth C

Immediately you put them on the pain level for a headache drops immediately and everything becomes clearer. I suffered from terrible migraines all my life but these immediately changed my life. So many of my friends now use them after seeing how they changed my life. Good luck.
Pamela Frampton

I just wanted to take a moment to tell you how pleased I am with my new MigraLens glasses. I have been a chronic migraine sufferer for 16 years with 2 or 3 attacks a week. I have been wearing the glasses now for a month and have only had one headache and that was a slight one!! Thank you for making them  – they have literally changed my life.
C Moreaux

I wear them when I’m shopping in brightly lit stores which can trigger a migraine, as well a s sitting in sunny areas such as conservatories or by a sunny window in a restaraunt. I will never be without a pair now and thank you for your help in providing me with something that really works.
M Campbell

The glasses themselves are very lightweight and comfortable to wear, and most importantly fit over my prescription glasses without any problems. I work in an office with very bright fluorescent lighting, (light above my desk is switched off due to bright lights being a significant trigger for my migraines), and I have to attend daily meetings, and these have been a godsend, as I previously had to wear a sun-visor which looked totally ridiculous!
R Turner

I am writing to tell you how pleased I am with my MigraLens glasses. I have been amazed at the difference they have made in situations where I would normally have had problems such as bright light, reflections indoors and out are no longer a problem. My daughter has had similar results! I was also impressed with the service and so glad I read about them in Migraine Action newsletter
S  Holloway
Vault of Glamorgan, Wales

They are invaluable in preventing migraine on bright sunny or snowy days. Indeed they have stopped some migraines from developing in to full blown migraines. They are a wonderful invention and I can not imagine eing without them now. Thank you very much for improving the quality of my life so much.
E Beese

Brilliant, has cut down my migraines massively, they fit over my prescription glasses with no problems. Good fit and light protection. You see things a little green for the first instance but your eyes quickly adjust. Thumbs up from me!
Sarah Louise Wilkinson

I have a chronic brain condition that means that I have light sensitivity, eye pain and chronic migraines. These glasses help me be able to travel on trains now, the lights triggered migraines. I’ve now been able to return to work on a phased return.
It has been well worth the money
Karen Caplin

Best glasses I ever bought. They really do work when I have any type of headache. I highly recommend them!
Janice Laurino

Fallon thinks they are brilliant as she no longer has to squint when outside on a bright day. MigraLens has helped her tremendously. Thank you!
M Millard




MediView filters are not a substitute for medication or treatment and are not intended as a means of retarding or preventing either onset of, or deterioration of any new or pre-existing conditions or symptoms. If unexpected symptoms persist or occur while using MediView filters, cease use and consult a medical practitioner immediately. Consult your medical practitioner before commencing use if unsure of your suitability to use MediView filters. Products are unsuitable for direct viewing of the sun, bright light sources, use in solaria or for driving at night. MigraLens® is a category 2 filter for use in average sunlight. The optical characteristics of the filters renders them unsuitable for road use and driving. All MediView sunglasses satisfy BS EN ISO 12312-1-2013. This eyewear is not designed to protect the wearer from all injury resulting from impacts in the event of the frame or lens being struck by an object. The lenses are produced from impact resistant, but not shatterproof, polycarbonate and should not be used as industrial safety eyewear. They should be cleaned using warm soapy water and gently dried with a soft cloth or the microfibre cloth case supplied.

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