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Founded by Ian Pyzer, MediView is a speciality supplier of hi-tech spectacle filters.

Established in 1997 to provide for those with degenerative eye conditions, they have developed the only ‘off the shelf’ migraine treatment designed to absorb the specific wavelengths of light identified by migraine headache researchers from Kings College Hospital to cause migraine symptoms and sensitivity.  A Peer reviewed publication detailing the effectiveness of MigraLens® has been published in the internationally recognised journal Headache Care.

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MigraLens® Products

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MigraLens® are spectacle lenses with a pleasant green hue. This colour is derived through the fact they are designed to specifically absorb the wavelengths that cause migraine symptoms and migraine sensitivity.

See our MigraLens® protective eyewear range for a natural remedy for migraine headache sufferers.


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Migraine Information

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Constant headaches, looking for advice on how to treat, cure or stop a migraine? Finding a reliable source where you can seek advice on all aspects of coping with migraine is not always easy. Look no further! Migraine Action is just that place.

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MigraLens® Testimonials

Dave Blow

No migraine, dizziness or visual problems

Just wanted to let you know that Dawn has tried the glasses in a couple of shops where she has had problems before with the fluorescent lighting, one in particular where she can never stay more than a few seconds before she starts to feel unwell, and she has had no problems at all! She was able to wander round for half an hour or so with no migraine, dizziness or visual problems at all so its looking very promising. She is intending to keep them with her at all times and is very happy!

Glenys Dixon

Really helped my husband

These glasses have been amazing for my husband , he suffered daily headaches after using computer or going into bright sunshine. since wearing Migralens he suffers far less. Hopefully after a few weeks he will be free from headaches altogether

M Millard

They help tremendously

Fallon thinks they are brilliant as she no longer has to squint when outside on a bright day. MigraLens has helped her tremendously. Thank you!

E Beese, Cwmbran

They are invaluable

They are invaluable in preventing migraine on bright sunny or snowy days. Indeed they have stopped some migraines from developing in to full blown migraines. They are a wonderful invention and I can not imagine eing without them now. Thank you very much for improving the quality of my life so much.

S Holloway, Vault of Glamorgan, Wales

Very pleased!

I am writing to tell you how pleased I am with my MigraLens glasses. I have been amazed at the difference they have made in situations where I would normally have had problems such as bright light, reflections indoors and out are no longer a problem. My daughter has had similar results! I was also impressed with the service and so glad I read about them in Migraine Action newsletter

M Campbell, Scotland

They really work.

I wear them when I’m shopping in brightly lit stores which can trigger a migraine, as well a s sitting in sunny areas such as conservatories or by a sunny window in a restaraunt. I will never be without a pair now and thank you for your help in providing me with something that really works.

C Moreaux

They have changed my life...

I just wanted to take a moment to tell you how pleased I am with my new MigraLens glasses. I have been a chronic migraine sufferer for 16 years with 2 or 3 attacks a week. I have been wearing the glasses now for a month and have only had one headache and that was a slight one!! Thank you for making them  – they have literally changed my life.

Simon Evans, CEO Migraine Action
Director / Migraine Action Association

We recommend Migralens

We recommend MigraLens as our members have found they really help minimise the flicker and glare that can trigger migraines or cause light sensitivity during or between attacks.

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